In over a quarter-century working with global clients, we have developed an approach we’re confident helps Japan communicate with the world, and the world communicate with Japan.

Integrating words with production

Others offer only the copywriting or the translation or the voiceover casting or the studio. We do it all, delivering optimal cost-performance and end-to-end quality control. We write with the video or design context in mind and advise on the appropriateness and effectiveness until we achieve a final output that is truly excellent. We help take Japan’s famous quality global while bringing the qualities of the world to Japan.

Consistent messaging

To get and hold your audience’s attention, you need to present your message with consistent terminology, imagery, and tone. For this reason, we pay attention to the history of your communications, while envisioning their future trajectory. We therefore partner with you to create and leverage a database of consistent copy and design, managing your message consistently over the long term.

It has to read like copy

No translation is ready for your market unless it is truly both natural and impactful. Our translators are not just native speakers of the target language, they are also copywriters. We enjoy arguing with each other about writing—to make it better and get it right. While preserving the meaning of the original, we offer final copy that hits home. Since copy should never read like a translation, we take translation to another level: copy translation.

Stubborn about quality

We take pride in our work and deliver only what will help our client succeed in the target market. You might hire us just as videographers, designers, copywriters, translators or multilingual voice artists. But if we see value that we can add or a better way to achieve the impact you desire, you can count on us to speak up. We’re all about working with teams, often from multiple organizations, and we’re not done until your global goal is achieved.